If you are looking to switch to ecomnation from shopify, here are few reasons you should make the switch. Rising number of businesses are choosing ecomnation over shopify.

Commision on Sales

Shopify charges about 2.0% commission for every sale made if you are using payment gateway other than shopify. Payment gateway charges about 2.5% extra. This means, you end up paying 4.5% fees for every transaction on your own store. This is over and above the monthly subscription fees.

Ecomnation doesn’t charge a single penny on orders placed through your online store. It doesn’t even charge extra for bandwidth consumption.

Basic sales report

The basic sales report is only available on $79per month plan

The basic sales report is available in its base $49 per month plan

Shipping rates at checkout

Pre-set calculated rates from your own shopify account is available on $299 per month account

Ecomnation allows you to set weight based shipping rates for region and countries with delivery types on its base plan of $49 per month

Categories and sub-categories

Shopify doesn’t support tiered categories. This limits store owners ability to organize catalogue

Ecomnation supports upto 5 levels of category and sub-category creation.

Easy to use & navigate

Its easy to navigate and interface is intuitive. It also brings good technology infrastructure. But, it gets difficult for small business users. Ideal for large businesses

Simple ecommerce platform designed for SMB’s. Backed by Powerful Google cloud and world class technology infrastructure to compete with the big guns.


Basic templates with elementary features are free. It will cost about USD $160 If you are looking for fresh templates with advanced features

Free templates with usability and conversion best practices to boost sales. Our customers have found their sales soaring after switching to conversion optimised templates.

Designing & layout editing

Flexible and powerful advance editor, with little knowledge of html/css user can give their website a complete new look. It also provides visual editor but it lacks flexibility.

Flexible and powerful advance editor, with little knowledge of HTML/CSS user can give his/her website a complete new look.


Three stage checkout process with multiple pages. This can lead of higher drop-off rate. You might need to pay more dollars to acquire customers.

Checkout built with usability best practices. No exit route, single page checkout, SSL certified improves trust and pushes the user to complete the order. Improves sales and reduces cost of customer acquisition.

Uploading Large catalogue

Cannot include the image while uploading the products in bulk. The task becomes cumbersome and can take 100’s of hours of manual work when you have a large number of products to set-up..

Bulk image upload is connected with Dropbox. System automatically pulls the product images from dropbox and does the work in minutes instead of hours.


The most essential feature such as invoicing requires third party app, this can create a big hole in your pocket. These apps cost anywhere between $9 per month to $99 per month

Ecomnation understands that its evil to charge for every little thing and that too the most essential features. Ecomnation team is committed to provide such essential features at no extra cost and included in its base subscription plan

Shipping quotes in checkout

Heavy checkout process includes dependency of data from third party shipping company is prone to drop-off rates.

No dependency on third party api or web services during the checkout makes the checkout process a breeze. No roadblocks, no exit route, faster orders.

Pricing and Plan Comparison

The pricing and plan are compared between the two platforms when the ecommerce website is in a growth phase


Upto 500


10,000+ / month


500+ / month


$15k / month

Order Value

$30 / month





$299 plan applicable + 0.5% commision

0% commision

Try it free for 14 days

No obligation, no credit card required. Easy setup, cancel any time.

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • High converting single page checkout
  • No commission on sales
  • No extra bandwidth cost to grow your business

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